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Common Golf Injuries

One of the many great benefits is that you can generally play it into your golden years. The  popularity and availability of golf carts make this even easier. You can also start from a very young age, just ask some of the pros. Despite this, golf injuries can be common.  Have you ever wondered how

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Golf Driving Range Games

Golf is definitely one of those sports where input delivers output. In some sports, natural talent will allow you to succeed at a certain level, but golf requires practice to improve beyond the weekend hacker status. Every phase of the game requires the honing of skill level, and improvement brings more fun and enjoyment to

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How to Teach Golf to a Beginner?

Teaching golf to a newbie can be very rewarding and frustrating at the same time. Everyone has to start from scratch, and while the ball is stationary, it is possibly the most difficult game to master. Developing confidence in the golf swing is most important and is the start of the journey to success. Learn

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What is Early Extension in Golf?

We, amateur golfers, tend to make something simple into a complex problem, when swinging a golf club. Understanding what causes certain issues in the swing, will assist in ironing out the problems quickly. That is the reason taking a lesson from a PGA pro rather than 100 tips from your mates, will set you on

Golf Carts

Average Golf Cart Dimensions

While golf carts may appear to be relatively standard in size the dimensions do differ quite a bit. This is important for storage, comfort, and ease of use. We will explain the average golf cart dimensions. Standard Golf Cart Width Golf carts have become a common sight on most golf courses and are used more


Overlapping Vs Interlocking Golf Grip 

There are 3 basic golf grips that have dominated the game over the years, and the interlock and overlap are the most popular and effective. The hammer or baseball grip is the 3rd grip which is not ideal for the player wanting to improve their golf. It may be the easiest grip for beginners but


Best Golf Club Loft and Lie Machines & Buyers Guide

Before deciding on the best loft and lie machines for adjusting irons, it may be best to understand what the objective is when using one of these machines. For new golfers, they would have heard the term many times, without understanding what they actually do. What is Loft and Lie on a golf club? Every


Tapered Vs Non-Tapered Golf Grips

Using the right golf grip to suit your hands and grip can go a long way to improve your swing and better your scores. Expect to find yourself playing from the short grass more often when you have the right grips on your club. When closing your hands around a good fitting golf grip your

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Right Arm & Elbow In Golf Swing – Explained For You

There is no correct or incorrect swing in golf, but certain fundamentals are required to play consistent golf. While many beginners or even seasoned golfers thrive on hitting the ball as far as possible all day, consistency and accuracy will win 99% of any matches. Take a look at Bryson DeChambeau as an example. He

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Wrists In Golf Swing – Tips For You

Many theories abound over the use of the wrists in the golf swing. One should bear in mind that the only contact with the golf club is with the hands and a good golf grip will set the wrists in the correct position to hinge and unhinge, creating a powerful strike on the ball. It

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Hip Turn In Golf Swing – Explained For You

Contrary to many golf beginners’ beliefs, the power in any swing is generated through the hips, and not through the power of the shoulders and arms. Power in the swing starts from the ground upwards and in that sequence, which we will discuss in this article. In any swing analysis, the term “sequence” will come

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Weight Shift In Golf Swing – Tips For You

Weight shift or transfer of the weight during a golf swing is a basic fundamental that has to be mastered to become a better player and consistent ball striker. This is also called the “power move” and without it, no power will be generated through the ball at impact. The same weight shift is employed


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