TaylorMade M2 vs M6 Irons

TaylorMade is a name brand that has won many major tour championships with players like Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson, Sergio Garcia, and Rickie Fowler part of Team TaylorMade. TaylorMade continues to develop new technologies with both irons and drivers. Their current Spyder range of putters can be seen in the bags of amateurs and professionals worldwide.

TaylorMade M2 and M6 Irons

Two of the best and most popular iron sets produced by TaylorMade, although the M2 has been around for a few years. Finding a used set of M2s is like searching for that needle in the haystack! The M6 irons technology is more advanced, but both are fantastic irons for all skill levels.

Who Should Play the M2 and M6 Irons?

Mid-handicap golfers and beginners will experience the forgiveness, distance, and consistency that will assist to enjoy every round and improve scores. Seniors and women golfers can also benefit from the all-around performance. Single-figure golfers with slower swing speeds should consider these irons to improve their consistency.

It may be a good idea to break down the various specifications to find the best set for your game.

TaylorMade M2 vs M6 Irons

M2 Irons


  • Packed with technology advancements
  • Lower CG for optimum launch and distance
  • Mis-hits still travel good distances
  • Looks and sounds good through impact
  • Durable due to materials used in construction
  • Reduced offset


  • Variable and slightly less spin than other clubs
  • Costly

TaylorMade has packed this model with features that will appeal to all skill levels. The clubs look great at address and this inspires confidence. 4 iron to Pitching Wedge are included in the set. The thinner topline and shallower blade height combine to give a more compact look.

A redesigned speed pocket with a thinner wall improves performance and creates a higher launch, even on shots struck low on the face. Face slots preserve ball speed on mis-hits off the heel or the toe, which improves consistency.

Weight is saved with a lighter fluted hosel which allows TaylorMade to provide a lower and deeper center of gravity. Optimal sound and feel are created by combining acoustic management with geometry in the overall design.

The sweet spot is enlarged with Inverted Cone Technology and side spin is reduced for straighter longer shots. An Echo Damping System reduces vibrations through the hands at impact. Ball speed and distance are easily attained through the set. Graphite and Steel shafts are available.

Features and Benefits

  • 4 to Pitching Wedge in the set
  • Thinner topline and shallower blade height give a more compact look
  • Redesigned thinner Speed Pocket for higher launch
  • Face Slots preserve ball speed on mis-hits
  • Fluted Hosel and a lower CG
  • Inverted Cone Technology enhances the sweet spot
  • Echo Damping System reduces vibration through the hands

M6 Irons

m6 irons


  • Ideal for all skill levels
  • Delivers distance with easy launch
  • Low CG for penetrating and strong ball flight
  • Looks and sounds good through impact
  • TaylorMade latest technology


  • Price
  • Single figure golfers may prefer blade-type irons

The M6 irons are similar in performance to the earlier model M2, with a few technical advancements which come with every newer generation of TaylorMade irons. Additional distance is a key and will attract golfers wanting to hit the ball just that little bit further than their mates! For many golfers, the look of the club is an important factor when choosing irons.

Certainly, the way the club sits at address is most important to inspire confidence. New Speed Bridge structure enhances ball speed through impact and delivers extra distance. It allows TaylorMade the ability to use their most flexible thru-slot Speed Pocket engineered to generate more ball speed than ever before.

Music to the golfer seeking distance! Energy loss is reduced with the increased stiffness in the head structure, allowing for higher ball speed. The ultra-thin face design incorporating Inverted Cone Technolgy delivers fantastic ball speed over the entire face. Mis-hits travel exceptional distances and consistency is retained.

Feel and sound is improved due to Speed Bridge supporting the topline to reduce low-frequency vibrations at impact. Advanced Hybrar compression damper filters unwanted vibrations off the face producing a soft and solid feel on every shot. A Fluted Hosel and 360 undercut effectively lower CG for a higher launch angle and ball speed.

Ball flight is penetrating and strong even on low-face strikes. Inverted Cone Technology maximizes the sweet spot and produces straighter shots. The M6 has a wider sole which enhances easy launch and turf interaction. The blade length is a healthy 90mm.

Features and Benefits

  • New Speed Bridge structure enhances ball speed and distance
  • Increased stiffness in the head to reduce power loss
  • Inverted Cone Technology maximizes the sweet spot
  • Advanced Hybrar compression damper reduces vibration through the hands
  • Fluted Hosel and 360 undercut lower CG for easy launch
  • 90mm blade length
  • 4 to Pitching Wedge in the set

Final Thoughts

TaylorMade is a leading brand in the golf industry and has the benefit of many top professionals’ endorsements for their product. All their products from the ball, irons, drivers, fairway woods, and putters attract huge volumes of amateurs to their ranks.

Deciding on the better iron between the M2 and M6 should be tested on the range or course to find the set that suits your game. The performance differences are not too great, but price may be the deciding factor.

Get out and enjoy the testing!

Nick Lomas is the founder of GolfSpan, an avid golfer, not quite a pro but has over 15-years of experience playing and coaching golfers from all over the world. His mission is to bring the golfing community a better experience then it comes to choosing the right golf gear, and finding the right set up for your game.

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