Training Aids

Training Aids

Tittle X Review – At Last An Affordable Alternative To A Simulator

Club fitters have employed golf simulator technology for several years to help you gain insight into your game. However, their premium price tag made them inaccessible to the average golfer. That is why I am conducting a Tittle X review in this post. To determine if the affordable device is worth it. I will highlight

Training Aids

Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer Review

Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer Review Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer Pros Attaches to your glove eliminating the need to change when swapping clubs Data points measured includes tempo which will lead to consistency and accuracy Full-on 3D review of your swing from any angle, even in slow motion Access to training materials based on your data

Training Aids

Garmin Approach R10 Review – Best Value Launch Monitor Yet?

Time constraints, the covid-19 pandemic, and inclement weather all contribute to golfers spending less time on the golf course and more time indoors. In this Garmin Approach R10 review, we will look at the transformation launch monitors have undergone and how the R10 fits into the personalized launch monitor space. To counter the effects of


Blast Golf Swing Analyzer Review

A good understanding of swing dynamics combined with information about your swing analytics will enable you to enhance your swing. Blast Golf Swing Analyzer is ideal to provide the information you require and today we take the time to provide you with a Blast Golf Swing Analyzer Review. Testimony to its effectiveness is the fact


The 6 Best Budget Launch Monitors On The Market

Launch monitors play a significant role in maintaining your golf swing during the freezing winter months but to get the most out of the launch monitor can be quite expensive. However, there are some budget-friendly options available and we have taken the time to compile a list of the best budget launch monitors available. In drawing

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The 4 Best Commercial Golf Simulators For 2022

Purchasing a golf simulator will allow you and your clients to play no matter the weather. Simulators come in assorted sizes and are used for different applications and in this piece, we will be looking at the best commercial golf simulators on the market. A simulator is not only designed to enable you to play


Trugolf vs SkyTrak: Launch Monitor Testing

In this post, I have decided to review two photometric launch monitors at different price points to see how their accuracy compares. The launch monitors in question are the Trugolf vs Skytrak devices. Over the past ten years, there has been a boom in golf launch monitors. There are two main types of options available;


The 5 Best Golf Impact Bags – A Simple & Effective Training Aid

You could have the most technically advanced golf clubs, the shiniest shoes, the smartest clothes, and the fastest, most powerful golf swing in the land – but it will all count for nothing if the moment of impact, otherwise known as ‘the moment of truth’, isn’t quite up to par. That’s where golf impact bags


GCQuad vs SkyTrak Review: Tested And Evaluated For You

Ironically, the company at the forefront of launch monitor technology is called Foresight. They are famed for their GCQuad launch monitor, used by tour golfers and coaches. But, the price is well out of the budget of the average golfer. In this post, I review the GCQuad vs skyTrak launch monitor. I aim to see


GCQuad Review – Could This Launch Monitor Improve Your Game?

Recently I was watching the legendary Youtuber, Rick Shiels conduct a test of different launch monitors. While he has had the opportunity to try many launch monitors, it is the GCQuad that he swears by and uses to carry out most of his testing. As a result, I have decided to conduct a GCQuad review


Trackman Review – Is This $20k Launch Monitor Worth Investing In?

In this post, I am conducting a Trackman review to see what a $20,000 plus launch monitor has to offer, as well as who it would add value to the most. The launch monitor market has exploded in recent years offering a variety of products that range from a couple of hundred dollars to over


GCQuad vs Trackman Launch Monitor Review

The Trackman launch monitor is used by 700 professionals on tour. According to Geoff Ogilvy, “it is almost compulsory” to have one. However, hot on their heels is Foresight sports with their GCQuad launch monitor. Their device is used for testing by brands such as Titleist, Callaway, and Taylormade. Given the status of both launch


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